Julien Kwaaitaal

Julien Kwaaitaal

Artist, painter based in Amsterdam. Follow me on Instagram!


I Started Painting around 1997 in Paris, when I stayed over there for a year, as a language student.

I met Eric Landau who run the Gallery W, he learned me to grow my own style by giving me a stack of paper from 30 by 30 cm and finish each day one sheet. after a while it started to be consistent in trademarks and style. Some of these sheets I planted in museums with my address on the back. To see if I got any reactions and some did. Especially in a few museums in Berlin, the reactions where openminded and supportive. After Paris I went to art school in Amsterdam, The Rietveld academy. After a couple months I realized, it wasn’t my thing and my teachers thought the same thing… after one year I left to the Royal art academy The Hague to follow a photography education…

I stopped painting and I was more interested in electronic music, I started dj’ing in the beginning of 2000 and I was an obsessed vinyl collector. Few years passed by without touching any brush or canvas. I think around 2007 I started painting again and then a year later my studio and atelier burned down to the ground. All my paintwork, records and music studio where burned completely. After this nightmare I straight away started to collect records again and kept on dj’ing, but painting I couldn’t figure out how to start over again. I focused on work and music. Then in 2018 I got a burnout. My family encouraged me to pick up painting again and supported me to do finally something which I really like and feel good about and that is painting colorful art. My style can be categorized as Neo Expression.

Julien Kwaaitaal, artist, contemporary painter based in Amsterdam


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